About Matthew

Matthew Lord was born in Marysville, Kansas in 1975. At an early age, he learned the value of his artistry when he began swapping drawings of jet fighters for more desirable food at school lunch. Growing up in a small town in the eighties, Matthew’s childhood existed in two worlds—one spent outside exploring and imagining in the five square mile area that was his hometown and the other spent indoors voraciously consuming television, collecting comic books and drawing at the kitchen table.

In 1999, Matthew graduated with BFA in Illustration at the University of Kansas. Between then and now,  Matthew has experienced many milestones in his career, including several solo and group exhibitions, featured editorial illustrations, lectures and workshops. In his experience as an artist, Matthew has taken on the roles of teacher, facilitator, mentor, curator and storyteller. Matthew celebrates his creative community through collaborations that have encompassed art installations, monthly themed drawing events and an artist-run non-profit creative space.

Matthew’s artwork often tilts toward the absurd while incorporating elements of fantastic realism. Using his preferred mediums of gouache, ink and printmaking, he strives to tell a well-constructed story with his artwork, using the panel as his delivery device. Matthew’s influences are drawn from curiosity for the natural world and a love of mythology.

Matthew lives and makes artwork in Lawrence, KS— his fingers are often covered in ink.